CCISC is an inter-disciplinary research centre that brings together academics and practitioners working within English Language and Linguistics, Modern languages, Translation Studies, Sociology, Social and Public Policy, Politics and Psychology. It aims to create a bridge between research, policy, and professional practice and facilitate inventive inter-disciplinary research which contributes to public understanding of major social issues, scrutinizes the evidence base for policy and practice, and expands the policy options under debate.

The Centre represents a space within the School of Languages and Social Sciences and Aston Business School for the incubation of research ideas, enabling researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds to collaborate and develop ideas. It also aims to take a lead in the development of research proposals and projects, enable research with a critical edge to make an impact by building links with policy, civil society, and business actors, and deliver activities for non-academic stakeholders which will enable them to shape social practices relevant to their respective competencies. To these ends: it emphasises partnership and engagement with local communities, policymakers and businesses as both co-producers and users of knowledge; it works with practitioners offering practical solutions for national and local government, service-providers and employers; and its researchers are engaged in work that will shape future thinking and pioneer practices that will have a significant impact on society and organisations in ways that promote equality, inclusivity, and social justice.