Aston Feminist Cafe-7 March 2016

The next Aston Feminist Café will be held on Monday 7th March at 4pm in the Cadbury room (10th floor of North Wing) on the topic of ‘Women against feminism? Competitive femininities and contemporary anti-feminism’.
We will be discussing the following texts:

Angela McRobbie (2015) ‘Notes on the Perfect: Competitive Femininity in Neoliberal Times’, Australian Feminist Studies, 30: 3-20 (attached to this email)
Huffington Post piece – ”Women Against Feminism’ Is A Thing. And We’re Confused’, available here:
Please feel free to join us for an informal discussion (even if you have not been before), and bring along your tea, snacks etc! We will also be celebrating that it is International Women’s day on 8th March!
A reminder also that our second Café of the term will be held on Wednesday 20th April, 3.15pm, also in the Cadbury room – more details soon.
Looking forward to our discussions on Monday 7th March.
Best Wishes,
Katy and Olga