CCISC Unconference and Strategy Day

2 November 2016, 10am-4pm, MB603


Do you consider yourself a critical scholar? Not sure where your research belongs? Would you like to find out what your colleagues are up to?

Have you always wondered what “unconferences” are about?

An unconference enables attendees  to design their own schedule: the topics they want to hear about and the activities they want to take part in.

But how does it work? I hear you say.

The success of an unconference depends on the session pitches: this is when attendees pitch their ideas for sessions.

These could be

  • traditional presentations (in this case be prepared to give a talk about the topic you pitch followed by Q&A)
  • discussions (in this case pitch a topic to be discussed and be prepared to lead the discussion)
  • brainstorming (in this case share your idea and invite people to join you for a session of collaborative thinking)

For our CCISC day you might want to consider:

  • giving a talk about your research
  • discussing your future plans or the plans of your research cluster
  • inviting others to find ways of interdisciplinary collaborations and grant developments
  • brainstorming about promoting your research
  • have a chat about anything related to academia and research.

Pitches are about 30 seconds, and you are very welcome to pitch more than one session!

The general sessions slots are 30 minutes – but these can be shared between more people or joined up for topics that need to be discussed in greater detail.

At the end of the pitching session, we devise a schedule and off we go.

Between 2.30 and 3.30 we invite you for a thought-provoking, hands-on plenary by Dr Jodie Clark

Jodie’s recent book Selves, Bodies and the Grammar of Social Worlds: Re imagining Social Change (Palgrave) illustrates how the grammatical analysis of everyday accounts reveals innovative ways of imagining social structure. Her analysis of conversational texts reveals a way of seeing the social world as in an embodied relationship with embodied selves. Jodie talks about her explorations in her weekly podcasts called Structured visions.

Her plenary is entitled ‘The Grammar of Social Change.’ (Click on the link for further details.)

Please reach out with any questions to

We look forward to seeing you at our first unconference!