Dementia and Cultural Narratives Symposium

University of Aston, UK, Friday 8th – Saturday 9th December 2017

The dementia and cultural narrative symposium will explore the growing body of cultural representations of dementia across a range of texts and contexts. The symposium’s contributions reflect the developing research culture that explores, interrogates, and evaluates the ways in which forms of dementia are being used in media such as TV, film, literature, the visual arts and theatre. The symposium will bring together scholars and other professionals from a variety of fields to discuss the implications of the narrativisation of dementia.

Keynotes will be delivered by June Hennell, MBE, advocate for those with dementia, and Dr Aagje Swinnen, co-editor of Popularizing Dementia: Public Expressions and Representations of Forgetfulness. There will also be a screening of Piano Lessons by Professor Marlene Goldman, author of the forthcoming Forgotten: Narratives of Age-Related Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease in Canada. 

This symposium is the inaugural event of the new international Dementia and Cultural Narrative network.

This is a FREE event, but we ask all attendees to register by 15thNovember:

Please direct any questions to the event organisers Raquel Medina and Sarah Falcus:

For Symposium agenda please click here for download