Ebru Soytemel

Lecturer in Sociology

Ebru joined Aston University as a Lecturer in Sociology in September 2015. Prior to joining Aston, she worked as a research fellow at the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography at University of Oxford.

Her post-doctoral research project focused on the impact of urban policies on property rights of different groups in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ebru completed her PhD in Sociology at The University of Manchester in 2011, entitled: “Gentrification and Belonging in Istanbul”. Her PhD research explored the ways in which urban policies, gentrification and socio-economic policies impact upon the class composition, housing, and patterns of belonging of different social classes in Istanbul, Turkey. This work is detailed in publications in Urban Geography, Women International Forum and in two book chapters.

Ebru’s research interests include: social and economic inequality, gentrification and social-spatial exclusion, the relationship between social class and social-symbolic borders. Ebru has experience of working with both quantitative/qualitative/mixed methods with a particular interest in ethnographic research methods and multiple correspondence analysis.
Currently Ebru is working on two research projects: Her first project is entitled “Urban rent, Uncertainty and Strategic Unknowns in Housing Markets in Istanbul” (funded by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities) examines urban policies and interventions affecting property ownership and housing rights in Turkey. In this project she focuses on research questions such as
1-How different policies and strategies of public/private institutions/companies create uncertainties in housing markets?
2- How local dwellers or different groups/agents (such as property owners, tenants, construction companies etc.) develop counter actions to resist or to adapt to housing policies or urban interventions?
3- What are the implications of position takings of different agents against each other on power dynamics in everyday life?
Ebru’s second project focuses on school drop-out among the second and third generation Turkish/Kurdish/Cypriot immigrants in London. This research is funded by Turkish Government Diaspora Research Funding Programme. Ebru is currently conducting the field work in London and Birmingham with research questions focusing on:
1- the critical moments which lead to decision of leaving education,
2- career aspirations, expectations of youngsters and processes after leaving education and
3- social networks providing help in finding jobs or helping with problems mainly in low-skilled service sector jobs.Ebru has published research papers about gentrification, belonging, social and cultural class inequality, poverty and making ends meet strategies of low income families. She has keen interest particularly in using mixed methods in research and how to merge qualitative and quantitative methods. Ebru is interested in supervising research students and establish research collaborations on the following topics:

  • Social Stratification and social cultural inequalities
  • Urban studies, Gentrification and Social Justice in Cities
  • Cultural Class Analysis
  • Gender inequality and social policy
  • History and politics of social research methods
  • Ethnography and mixed research methods