Elisabeth Barakos

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics
I joined Aston University in September 2015. Previous to that, I worked as research assistant and lecturer for Business English communication at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). My PhD thesis, entitled The promotion of bilingualism in businesses in Wales. A critical language policy study, examined Welsh-English corporate bilingualism through the lens of critical discourse studies. During my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I spent extended research periods at Manchester University, Lancaster University and University of Toronto.

My research interests include all aspects of language and communication in education and workplace settings, as well as language policy and multilingualism from a critical sociolinguistic angle. My current research project investigates the management, promotion and lived experience of ‘language work’ at language education companies through a discourse-ethnographic lens. Other interests include the notion of ‘eliteness’ and multilingualism, Foucault’s notion of governmentality as well as the political economy of language. I am the co-convenor of the recently founded BAAL Special Interest Group in Language Policy.