Gary Fooks

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

I am a political sociologist with broad research interests in health policy and the relationship between business and society. Before coming to Aston I was a Research Fellow in Health Policy at the University of Bath. I undertake empirically based research focusing on the socio-political, economic, and informational drivers of public policy, with a particular focus on the effects of corporate political activity on health policy and financial regulation. My current work covers: business influence in shaping the underlying administrative architecture of public policy-making; the intersections of corporate political influence, international trade and investment agreements and public policy; the political uses of corporate social responsibility; corporations’ use of evidence in policymaking; and the role of large corporations in expanding policy conflicts.

I am open to supervising PhD students with an interest in health and public policy, corporate influence in public policy, the political economy of public policy, business involvement in health services, and corporate social responsibility.