Killian Mullan

I joined the Department of Sociology and Policy at Aston University in March 2019. Prior to joining Aston I was at the University of Oxford (Centre for Time Use Research, Department of Sociology), and before that I worked in Australia at the University of New South Wales (2007-2011) and the Australian Insititute of Family Studies (2011-2013).

Research Interests

I mainly carry out research on time use with a particular interest in how children and parents spend time. In my recent work I have been studying changes in children’s time use in the UK over four decades from the mid-1970s onwards, including changes the time they spend in screen-based activities and time using smartphones and other devices. More broadly I am interested in time use in the family, including the gender division of labour, and on studying the influence of technology on daily life. I use quantitative methods applied to the secondary analysis of survey data, particularly time use surveys, and I am interested in quantitative methods for sociology and policy research.