Understanding Statelessness

In 2017, Katherine Tonkiss (CCISC), along with Tendayi Bloom from The Open University and Phillip Cole from the University of the West of England, brought together twenty-four scholars, practitioners and artists to produce a new book, Understanding Statelessness (Routledge 2017).

This book interrogates accepted wisdom on statelessness, suggesting a new direction for thinking about this topic. In particular, it makes two conflicting suggestions. First, that ‘statelessness’ needs to be put on the agenda across academic disciplines, and across policy areas. Second, that the problems associated with statelessness may well not be about the lack of citizenship itself, but about the lack of rights to which this currently gives rise.

The book is currently featured as part of the Open University’s Year of Mygration (http://www.open.ac.uk/research/news/understanding-statelessness).

The book is available from Routledge. Readers can receive a discount by using the code FLR40.