West Midlands English: Speech and Society

This website is designed as a teaching and learning  resource for teachers and students at advanced secondary/high school  level and undergraduate college/university students of English, English Language,   Linguistics and/or Applied Linguistics at universities worldwide, where studying variations of English is part of the syllabus/curriculum

The website centres around a Voices Map. This  map provides sound clips, transcriptions of recordings made in the Birmingham and Black Country areas of England. The sound files are extracts taken from recordings   of locally based performances  or interviews with performers associated with the region. Each extract has an accompanying transcription and  notes on linguistic variation.

The Sounds of English section provides you with an overview of the sounds of English, and an introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet.

For more advanced study and research purposes, The Aston Corpus of West Midlands English makes available a corpus of  sound recordings  to academic researchers, language societies, educationalists and anyone interested in contemporary regional  linguistic variation of the West Midlands region. http://www.aston.ac.uk/lss/research/research-centres/interland/acwme/