Gender, Sexualities and the Body

The Gender, Sexualities and the Body research stream of CCISC brings together established and early career researchers whose theoretical perspectives are informed by feminist and queer perspectives and a commitment to social justice. Collaboration between scholars within the stream is aimed at developing theoretically and methodologically innovative ways of exploring the intersections between gender, sexualities, and the body. Current events hosted by the stream include a pan-university reading group – the Feminist Café – which provides an informal space for staff and students to conceptual and political issues relevant to contemporary feminism.


George Amakor (PhD researcher)
Shahreen Bashir (PhD Researcher)
Dr Amanda Beattie
Dr Olga Castro
Dr Claudia Gremler
Jai Mackenzie (PhD Researcher)
Dr Nicola MacLeod
Dr Carol Marley
Dr Raquel Medina
Katherine Osgood (PhD Researcher)
Dr Katy Pilcher (Theme Coordinator)
Dr Dina Rasolofoarison
Dr Chrissie Rogers
Dr Sarah-Jane Page