Cultural consumption and cultural participation among Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish-Cypriot populations in London

Dr Ebru Soytemel has been awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme small grant (£9,959) to explore class-based processes of social/cultural distinction, belonging, and boundary-making amongst Turks, Kurds and Turkish-Cypriots, who are among the most disadvantaged groups in London with low educational attainment and employment rates. As such, these communities are subject to processes of social as well as economic stratification and conflicting dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, in which cultural practices, and concomitantly differentiated notions of taste and value, play a key role. Combining surveys with extended life history interviews, the research explores how cultural consumption and accumulation strategies are developed by different immigrant groups, how these strategies are structured by national or local repertoires, and how specific practices are differentially valued through social identity formation.